My Work

Sweets, a two-act comedy with songs. (Play & Lyrics) Produced as a Podcast by Piccolo Theater, Evanston, IL – 2010. Apple iTunes – Podcast – 2012.

Joplin, two act play with solo compositions by Scott Joplin and original songs that was adapted for radio. (Play and Lyrics) Originally produced by the Dallas Minority Repertory and the Detroit Repertory Theater. Produced and broadcast by WFMT Chicago Fine Arts radio station, Chicago – 2007 & 2010. Directed by Mignon McPhearson Nance.

To Save a Kinsman, full-length drama about the social activist, Ida B. Wells. Originally produced as a stage play at the Chicago Historical Society by the City of Chicago. Produced and broadcast by WFMT- 2005. Directed by Kimberly Senior.

Northside/Southside, a cabaret musical (Play & Lyrics) produced and broadcast by WFMT- 2004. Actor/singers: Alexandra Goodman & Angela Grovey. (Originally produced at Crosscurrents Cabaret.) Directed by Kimberly Senior.

Mahalia and Me, a musical monologue produced and broadcast by WFMT – 2002.

Actor: Tina Marie Wright, Singer: Robin Robinson, Pianist: Chip Johnson.

Scott Joplin, a musical monologue performed at the annual International Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, MO from 1995 through 2000. It was re-broadcast by WFMT in 1998.

Electronic Baby, middle school musical produced by Prologue Musical Theatre. (Multi-ethnic cast) Libretto (twenty minute version) published by Ginn & Co. in SHAPE, a literary anthology for high schools. Distributed nationally. Music by composer,

John Austin. In addition to this musical, Mr. Austin collaborated with me on a commission from CETA for a work for chorus and orchestra, which was performed by the Chicago Symphony.

(Rights to use GM product names in the musical, Electronic Baby have been granted for publication or performance, 2007.)

The Dodo, a chamber opera for children, performed in concert as a fund-raiser for Lincoln Park Zoo recorded BY CRS Records. (Libretto) Also performed as a work for chamber orchestra and narrator by Concertante di Chicago, 2005.

Palle D’Oro, thirty-five minute film won a Hugo at Chicago International Film Festival in the short subject category. (Screenplay – Subject: Child Abuse.)

NOTE: Composer, Robert Lombardo wrote all the incidental music and the songs for all the above except Electronic Baby.