A bittersweet comedy with songs about a man who is a failure as a candy salesman. Produced by the Piccolo Theatre as a podcast. Sweets, a candy salesman down on his luck must improve his sales, because the low rent building where he and his wife live has been sold. His wife Sylvia, a former burlesque star, hasn’t left their apartment in six months. To add to his woes, Sweets has to deal with Fairchild, his sales manager who is suffering from post-traumatic stress. Fairchild’s secretary, Goldie develops a romantic interest in her boss, but finds it near to impossible to deal with him. Sweets: Ken Raabe, Sylvia: Deborah Proud,

Fairchild: Chris Biddle, Goldie: Amy Gorelow, Accordionist: Jim Dossa, Play & Lyrics: Kathleen Lombardo, Music: Robert Lombardo.

No part of this podcast may be reproduced for any reason, by any means, without written permission from the author.

Act I

Scene I Celestial Candy Reception

Scene 2 Fairchild’s Office

Scene 3 Apartment

Scene 4 Meeting With Buyers

Scene 5 Celestial Candy Reception

Scene 6 Fairchild’s Office

Scene 7 Apartment

Scene 8 Celestial Candy Reception

Scene 9 Celestial Candy Reception

Scene10 Apartment

Scene 11 In Line At Chai Ching’s

Act II 

Act 2 Scene 1 Police Station

Act 2 Scene 2